Welcome to my submission for the Adventure Jam 2021!

I've always been partial to vintage sci-fi comic books and so I decided to go with a more exotic adventure on Mars - with the protagonist Rey and her flying robot companion Roland. 

Gamepad Recommended , otherwise Keyboard works just as well! 
*-Spoilers for the more difficult puzzles in the comments below!

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the controls, the first room will also have these guides!
1. When an item is selected (blue highlight) it will be used with any object you interact with (when pressing A)

2. To combine items, selected the first highlight item with X, then press Lb or Rb to change highlights and press X again for the 2nd item. Not all combinations work of course!

3. Some items can be "used" or "looked" at, once highlighted press X twice to check. 

*Known issue with the Switch puzzle, sometimes it "solves" itself. You got lucky this time....I'll fix/update after the jam judging as I'm at of time atm. 

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AuthorFrom Chris
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withConstruct
TagsController, gamepad, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Short, Space, Voice Acting
InputsGamepad (any)


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cute little game! was very fun!


Cute. I did not expect that ending.

This was a very fun game. I love the throwback to the old Sci-fi tv serials. The narration kinda reminded me of the Space Quest games. Keep up the good work! 

Hey, thanks for the video! It was insightful to watch someone play as it helped me understand where the game needs work, I could see a few "Aha" moments, which were great to see! 

This was a surprisingly charming and fun little adventure! Nicely done! ^_^


sooo much fun!!!!!!!!

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Hey, thanks for the video! It was insightful to watch someone play as it helped me understand where the game needs work - especially with more prompts on how to solve the puzzles / what needs to be done next.

******Spoiler Alert!*****************************************

Commenting here just in case anyone gets stuck at any point in the game! Here's a quick breakdown of how to complete a few of the more complex puzzles. 


First Room: You need to "use" the knife (pressing X twice) to open it, followed by using the opened knife on the nearby plants. Follow up by combining the stick with knife, to create a crowbar in order to open the sarcophagus. 


Floor Trap: Use/Inspect the skull in your inventory, the correct pathway is engraved on its forehead. 


Switch that is blocked by Plants: First you'll have to drink some of your Blue Nebula, followed by cutting off a piece of clothing from the Corpse in the main room near the Floor Trap entrance. Combine the drink and the rag, after completing the One-Eyed Statue (see below) you will use this rag in bottle with the statue to create a Molotov cocktail - use this with the plants to burn them away. 


One-Eyed Statue: Use your knife with the skull to remove a gemstone, place that gemstone into the One-Eyed Statue. 


Lever surrounded by Fish: Cut off some vines, from the nearby wall and combine with your knife to create a grappling hook. Use this in front of the water to pull the switch.