A downloadable game

A game I put together in about three weeks for the 2017 Indie Game Maker contest. 

The game revolves around Inspector Daffodil and the crimes happening at his local hotel.  I really enjoyed making this game, and hope to make more about Daffodil in the future, expanding on him as well as the world he lives in. 


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[Spoiler alert and I need some help :'( ]

Weird. I was stuck in the murder case.
Whenever I sneaked into the basement of the club, passed the maze, and took the elevator to other floor, after seconds, I got transported automatically to my house. Is that a glitch or just I miss something to do beforehand?

The aesthetic style, music, and the atmosphere are good though.  But in half of my play, I didn't quite get what the game want me to do. In the first case, I thought I could use clues asked from  a person to question another one. But no, people just repeated their dialogue again and again. I still don't know why the thief is that person. 

Anyway, I'm interested in finishing this game. Too bad there's no saving. I may restart it till I get some answers. :( 

Yikes, that's definitely a bug! The club basement is really only a hallow Maze, a lot of features and additional dialogue cues I was not able to implement with the one month deadline.(After the Jam is over I plan to fix and change quite a few things, so stay tuned!)  I'm psyched you played and enjoyed the art and music though! 

As for the murder case, try looking into the Hotel basement, I'm sure the hotel manager would like to hear about what you find there. 

Thank you. Finally I finished the game! :D

Like I mentioned before, it's hard to guess who the criminal is only by those clues. I tried multiple times to get the true ending (except knowing who the real murderer is, it's not very different than the wrong ones, lol). And about the hotel basement puzzle, I had to screenshot that grimoire, copy&pasted it 3 times to make a larger picture,  and then understand the right spell. Maybe just I am not very familiar with this kind of puzzle. Overall I like this game, though it still need more polishing. Keep up the good work, and good luck with the contest! 

Ah too bad it's not released yet! I fall in love with the art!

It is released! 

Oh I see, I was unable to download because I use Windows :(

It is only for windows, it's only zipped.